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Biden son works in Being investigated for tax cases The reiterate did not make a mistake.









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Hunter Biden, the son of the new President of the United States. Currently being investigated in a tax management case By the person insisting that he did not make a mistake

The BBC news agency reported that Joe Biden, 50-year-old son Hunter Biden, that the next president of the United States. Revealed on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020 that he was being held by the Delaware Attorney General. Investigating his handling of taxes Discussed by the news on Tuesday the past.

Hunter Biden did not open much about the case, but said he was taking it very seriously and was confident that an impartial investigation would show that. He manages his taxes properly and legally.

The campaign team of Biden and Kamala Harris said the vice president. Issued a statement saying Mr. Hunter has fought many difficult challenges. Including the personal accusation several months ago And went through them stronger than ever And stated that Mr. Biden is very proud of his son.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Donald Trump was accused of Trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate the father of Biden Using the army aid money as a bargain This has led to a hearing for Mr Trump's removal. The base tries to use foreigners to harm political opponents. But the Senate has ruled not guilty.

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